The people of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, have always hated rules. A shipping town first settled in the 17th century, Portsmouth was by 1864 home to 120 bars, 30 brothels, and three police officers. …

magine living on an island that is not only advancing the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but is actually pumping millions of dollars into seeing this nascent industry prosper.

Welcome to Taiwan, a nation state in Asia that will soon be the crypto capital of the world.

Serious about innovation, Taiwan is a hotbed for tech startups focusing on blockchain, AI and IoT. There is now a proliferation of major startup accelerators and incubators that are making this a… aims to create value and ensure strong financial returns by looking for the most attractive investment opportunities in emerging markets. is guided by a leading Board of Directors and by an experienced Management Team with diverse business backgrounds and a strong sense of commitment. I am interested in…

Sugandi Lia

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